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Why Is Organizational Agility the Key to a Successful Digital Transformation?

In-depth research on the pharmaceutical industry, uncovering how companies in highly-regulated sectors can leverage Lean/Agile operating models to their advantage.

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What’s Inside?

  • What Are The Biggest Challenges in Pharma Today?

    We’re exploring the main challenges that the pharma industry faces today and what companies do to overcome them.

  • What’s The Current State of Digital Transformation?

    How is digital transformation evolving around the world, including in the pharma industry? What’s the success rate across most digital transformation attempts? An in-depth look at the statistics.

  • Why Is Business Agility Key to Successful Digital Transformations?

    How business agility propels digital transformation in pharma? We’re exploring the symbiosis between a Lean/Agile operating model and every wide-scale transformation attempt.

  • How Pharma Companies Embrace a Lean/Agile Operating Model?

    Discover real-life examples of how pharmaceutical and biotech organizations implement Lean/Agile ways of working as part of their digital transformation strategy.

Who Is Behind This?

Businessmap is an enterprise agility solution provider aiming to discover new management ways and share this knowledge through amazingly powerful, easy-to-use tools and professional services. We offer the most flexible software platform for outcomes-driven enterprise agility. Its unmatched functionality consolidates multiple tools into one, enabling affordable deployment at scale, visibility across all projects/portfolios and alignment on goals, to deliver quality work faster.