Guidelines for Submitting Guest Posts on the Kanbanize Blog

Pavel Naydenov

Pavel Naydenov

Head of Marketing | Kanban | PPM Ops Certified

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We appreciate your interest in submitting a guest post on the Kanbanize blog! As the leading Kanban software for Agile project management, we're committed to delivering the best content in the world of Kanban, Lean, and Agile. 


With that in mind, here are the guidelines and recommendations for the pieces of content we accept on our blog.  


Guest Post Writing Requirements & Tips 


Our primary focus is to produce high-quality and authentic content that is genuine, educational, and helpful to our audience.  


Here are the requirements that every content piece should meet: 


  • Unique and well-researched content. Over the years, the Kanbanize blog has turned into a valuable resource in the Lean/Agile and Kanban communities. Our aim is to keep growing it by sharing interesting topics and original content. Before writing, every post idea should be well-researched and the content must be original.   


  • If you focus on a particular method/framework, let it be Kanban. The core of Kanbanize is the Kanban method, and we truly believe this is the most efficient way of managing work, so please, if you structure your article around a method, framework or model, let it be around Kanban. We will NOT reject articles that talk about Scrum or other frameworks, but we reserve the right to modify them accordingly.  
  • No promotional content. The content should be first-and-foremost educational for our audience. While SEO is important, we will deny purely SEO-related articles that have no real value for the reader. We are willing to place links to a guest author's website, however, we won't accept posts that are written in a way to promote something specifically.  
  • Write in a natural tone and break up your post. As this is a blog-related content, keep a natural language and make sure there is a logical connection between the different sections of your post. We recommend breaking up long paragraphs or sentences so the post is easily readable.  
  • Speak from a real-world experience (if possible). We've found that content pieces that include actionable things such as real-world experience generate the most attention from our readership. If possible, you can include some specific cases in your content that taught you something valuable. We will prioritize posts that include practical tips, not only general theory.  
  • Length: 1200-1800 words (optional). We've found that the sweet spot of a post length is in those borders. However, keep in mind that this is just a recommendation, not a requirement! Our focus is on the quality, not the quantity.  


Other Things to Include in a Guest Post 


  • Images (optional). If possible, include helpful images inside the content. Graphs, illustrations, stats and screenshots are the preferred format. Don't use STOCK IMAGES.  
  • Referral Sources & Links. You can add helpful links to external resources in your blog post. Keep in mind that the link inclusion should be natural and should direct readers to a place where they can learn more about a specific topic.  
  • Author's Biography and Image. Include a short author's bio at the end of the post. Send us a professional headshot image which we will use in the blog post's featured image. Here's an example of a guest article on our blog: 


List of Themes 


Here you will find the most common themes that a blog post should fall under:  


  • Kanban-related topics 
  • Lean or Agile project management 
  • Scaling Agile and Business Agility 
  • Lean/Agile product management 
  • Efficiency and process optimization 
  • Leadership and business strategy 


Our Audience 


Our blog is tailored mainly to the following personas:  


  • Kanban practitioners, trainers, coaches, consultants 
  • Lean/Agile coaches & consultants 
  • Project & Portfolio Managers 
  • Engineering professionals 
  • CTO/CIOs 


It's not a direct requirement, but we will prioritize content that pertains to these audiences. 

What should you send us?  

Please send us article ideas with a clear thesis, basic article plan, and potential headlines.  





Pavel Naydenov

Pavel Naydenov

Head of Marketing | Kanban | PPM Ops Certified

Pavel is a natural-born optimist with 10+ years of experience in the marketing field. By leveraging Kanban, Lean, and Agile practices for years, he drives brand growth and engagement through data-driven marketing strategies. He believes every message should express the fundamental values of a brand, and if delivered positively, it can change the course of its existence.