Visualize your OKRs, set goals across the organization and see how daily work contributes to achieving them.


Measurable Outcomes/OKRs

Embrace the OKR goal-setting framework with “measurable outcomes”. Use initiatives to visualize your high-level goals/objectives and define their constituting key results/outcomes. Connect your goals to the actual work delivery processes on your kanban boards.

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Outcomes Progress

Easily update the status of your outcomes and keep track of both your goals and daily work progress. Set deadlines to track your actual vs expected progress. See how everyday actions contribute to achieving the main business priorities across the organization so that you can align strategy with execution.

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Outcome Trend

Our platform also gives you automatic projections about the progress of your outcomes/key results based on historical data. Use outcome trends to measure your progress against a baseline, so you can determine when you’re likely to reach your targets.

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Outcome Checkpoints

Set intermediate targets throughout your path to achieving your main outcomes with checkpoints. Improve your measurement by making sure that your progress takes into account different events across the outcome’s lifecycle.

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