Workflow analytics

With our extensive and powerful analytics module, you can analyze your workflows’ performance, optimize process efficiency and embrace continuous improvement.


Cumulative flow diagram

The diagram is a cumulative visualization of how work flows throughout the different stages of your process. It helps you analyze your system's arrivals and departures so you can achieve process stability and predictability. Easily spot bottlenecks or stages through which work doesn't flow properly.

feature 01

Cycle time scatterplot

The scatter plot is a representation of the completed items in your workflow. The chart helps you identify when and how long it took for the work items in your process to get done. Analyze outliers in your process and forecast when single work items will be finished in the future.

feature 02

Cycle time heat map

With this chart, you get a clear understanding of how long it takes for work items to exit each one of your process stages. Using it will help you identify where work gets stuck so you can alleviate bottlenecks and speed up your flow.

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Cycle time histogram

Visualize the cycle time distribution of all completed work items in your workflow for a given time period. Keep a close eye on the histogram to analyze whether you have a wide cycle time distribution and continuously improve your workflow’s predictability.

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Throughput run chart

You can visualize how much work your team is able to deliver for a given period of time (day, week, month, etc.). Use trend lines to identify patterns and understand whether your team's delivery rate/throughput is increasing or decreasing over time.

feature 05

Throughput histogram

Visualize your workflow's throughput frequency distribution and examine how consistently your team is delivering results. You can use the histogram to understand how likely it is for a given throughput to repeat again in the future.

feature 06

Aging WIP

Use the chart to monitor the work items currently in progress and make sure that work doesn't "age" indefinitely in your process. Identify whether current work items spend more time in a given stage compared to past performance so you can keep a stable cycle time in your process.

feature 07

WIP run chart

Use the WIP Run Chart to visualize how much work in progress your team accumulates over time. Monitor and analyze WIP trends going up or down to ensure the number of work items in progress matches your team’s capacity.

feature 08

Flow efficiency

Measure the efficiency of your workflow with the Flow Efficiency chart. Analyze the value-adding and non-value-adding stages in your process, so you can continuously make your workflow more efficient.

feature 09

Blocker clustering

Examine the blockers in your workflow using the Blocker Clustering chart. Understand how much time certain blockers take and how often they occur in your process. Discuss the most common flow impediments of your team and look for ways to reduce their impact.

feature 10

Blocker dynamics

See a visual representation of when certain blockers occurred in your process and when they were resolved. Track how many active blockers you had at the end of a given time period and analyze their impact. Access summary statistics to examine the rate at which new blockers appear, stay active, or get resolved in your workflow.

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