Workspace management

With our flexible Workspaces, you can easily distribute and track work across your organization, increase visibility across projects, and connect planning with execution.


Management workspaces

The Management Workspace provides a way to distribute and track work across multiple teams from a single Management Board. Think of this as a master board making it easy to see the big picture, all while maintaining dependencies between work items.

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Team workspaces

Bring all Boards of a department into a Team Workspace to boost collaboration and transparency around the different workflows, processes, or projects in the respective department. You can create as many kanban boards as needed and customize the boards’ view to reflect the exact work process of your teams.

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User roles

You can create and assign different roles to users. This defines the users' board and task permissions as well as allowed actions in the system.

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Amazing support
from humans to humans.

During the 14-day trial period, you can invite your team and test the application in a production-like environment. If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team. We are here to help.