Limiting work in progress

Introduce work-in-progress limits to your workflow to reduce multitasking, alleviate bottlenecks and keep a steady flow of work by matching demand with capabilities.


Work in progress limits per user

You can set WIP limits per user to indicate the maximum number of tasks a person can have in the workflow. Choose to allow or restrict exceeding the established limits.

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Work in progress limits per column

Configure work in progress limits for each phase of your workflow to prevent overburdening. Ensure that you start finishing rather than constantly starting new work so you can increase your team's productivity.

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Work in progress limits per lane

Еstablish WIP limits on specific parts of your process such as "Expedite", for example, and keep an efficient flow of work of a certain type.

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Work in progress limits per cell

Other than per user, column, and lane, you can add work in progress only to specific cells on your kanban board.

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Our software platform also allows you to add WIP limits per group of columns. For example, you can set up a total WIP limit of 8 for an "In Progress" stage and then distribute it across its substages. This helps you build a true pull system in your process.

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