We Are Rebranding to Businessmap

Dimitar Karaivanov

Dimitar Karaivanov

CEO and Co-founder of Businessmap

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Our Journey

It seems like yesterday that 3 young guys launched a company with the mission of discovering new management ways and making them easily accessible through powerful and simple-to-use tools.

We were determined to create a new kind of work management platform that helps people do meaningful work. And we did. Inspired by the Kanban method, we crafted a software solution that became known as Kanbanize.

Since our inception, we've always wanted to solve management problems on a large scale. We were lucky to see the market going in the same direction, asking for even more sophisticated product capabilities.

Sensing the alignment between the market conditions and our vision, we focused on relentless product innovation that would enable us to become the premium solution for outcome-driven enterprise agility. It took us 12 whole years, but we can now say that we have something special.

Our platform's unmatched functionality consolidates 3 large tool categories:

  1. Project Portfolio Management
  2. Goals Management through Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)
  3. Work Management

Such consolidation enables affordable deployment at scale, visibility across all projects/portfolios, and alignment on goals to deliver quality work faster.

But that's just half the story...

Time to Expand

As powerful as our software is, we've always known that having an impact of the magnitude we've dreamed about requires more. Enterprise Agility is not something that just happens with the deployment of a tech solution. Companies need guidance on how to get there, and while crucial for the ultimate success, tooling is not enough.

This is where Teodora Bozheva and her company - Berriprocess Agility, come into the picture. A lot can be said about Teodora, for she is one of the brightest minds in the Agile/Kanban community, but I will just say that she is special. Rarely have I seen someone with so much knowledge and passion for what they do, packed with unparalleled humility and pure human goodness.

Introducing Businessmap

It is my utmost pleasure to announce that we have acquired Berriprocess Agility, and they are now part of our bigger family – Businessmap.

Teodora and her team enable us to deliver a complete solution for our customers. Pairing the software with her consulting program that has been tested with, and recommended by dozens of enterprises, creates a tailored solution that ensures lasting value and exceptional ROI. You can think of this complete solution as a map of the business that you can follow to evolve and innovate faster.

Ironically, the name of our company (the legal entity) has always been Businessmap and not Kanbanize. It is by sheer luck that we chose that name many years ago, and now it truly calls out to us.

We're no longer just a tool, we are a solution provider. Whatever your management pains are, Businessmap's software and consulting will heal them.

I cannot end this post without talking about the brand-new opportunity we will be presenting to our partners in the upcoming year.

The rebranding and the new consulting product line aim to enrich your service offerings through this ready-to-deploy holistic solution with a proven record of results. Introducing a program aligned with the software is a resource that will differentiate your offerings and generate numerous opportunities for growth.

We are committed to keep expanding our partner network and helping our trusted partners be even more successful.

Among all these changes, here is what I promise will remain the same.

  • Current software subscribers will be unaffected and should not anticipate changes to pricing or user experience.
  • Our commitment to offering outstanding client and partner support is unwavering and stronger than ever.
  • We are still the same team, ever so firmly on the journey to changing the future of management around the world.

Thank you for your support and for inspiring us by exemplifying countless times that there is always a better way!

Witness our journey to reinvention, from Kanbanize to Businessmap



Dimitar Karaivanov

Dimitar Karaivanov

CEO and Co-founder of Businessmap

Dimitar is a lean thinker and a Kanban practitioner with a solid background in the areas of software development and process improvement. He is passionate about achieving extreme performance at scale and applying Lean/Agile principles outside IT.