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How a Global Industrial Technology Company Doubled Its Team Throughput in 12 Months?

Management of multiple projects or services that compete for resources is a constant challenge for an organization. Although the organization maximizes the employees' workload, the leaders are often confronted with a lack of predictability, focus switching, delays in critical deliverables, and a high level of stress. In addition, project managers need to invest significant efforts to determine and maintain objective indicators of the initiative/project progress against the plans. Working remotely makes these aspects even more challenging. As a result, many teams initiate more and more meetings to compensate for the lack of visibility and socialize and organize their work.

The Software Development team in the Mechanization department of Sensata Bulgaria rose up to these challenges and initiated a program to improve its workflow in order to provide the best possible value to the organization and its clients. At the beginning of 2020, the team was under tremendous stress to fulfill a high number of requests generated by multiple projects and internal customers with limited resources. As a result, the workflow was uneven and, in practice, "managed by escalations".

Dimitar Panayotov, the team supervisor, with the support of Georgi Kirilov, Mechanization Team Manager, started an initiative to improve the software development workflow by means of using the Kanban method. 

To achieve this objective, under the guidance of Ivaylo Gueorguiev, Kanban coach and trainer, the team established and started to use a Kanban system.


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