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Mindset Ágil - Consultoria e Treinamentos
Mindset Ágil - Consultoria e Treinamentos
Businessmap Certified Partner
Mindset Ágil is a company that has a simple purpose: change the world with knowledge. We do that by providing simpler, faster and more objective solutions to our customers, through consultancy, training and coaching services. We're specialized in Agile, Kanban, Lean and Management 3.0 practices, experts in providing flow metrics and agile coaching to companies and professionals that want to make the world a better place.
São José dos Campos, São Paulo
KMP, KMM, ASPO, ASM, PSM PSPO, LITAF, P2AF, P2AP, Certified Management 3.0 Practitioner, Cynefin Practitioner, SCAC
  • Implementation Services
  • Training Programs
Knowledge in:
  • Lean Portfolio management, Product and engineering process improvement, Product discovery and delivery, Managing and improving flow of work on various scenarios; Leadership in a remote and hybrid environment, build and improve processes using Agile tools.

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