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PPM Ops Appraisal Of Your Enterprise Agility

THE PPM Ops APPRAISAL PPM Ops Appraisal Of Your Enterprise Agility

Any organizational journey should start with an honest and objective appraisal of the current situation and a definition of a roadmap toward the desired state. This PPM Ops-based appraisal evaluates your management practices, organizational culture, and outcomes using PPM Ops as a reference model and draws a roadmap with personalized guidelines for achieving your company goals.

What Will You Take From This Service?
What Will You Take From This Service?
Understanding of the strengths and improvement opportunities for your current management practices
Comprehension of your organizational culture and how to reinforce your abilities to learn and adapt to a dynamic environment
Evaluation of the consistency and performance of your processes and the outcomes you achieve
A suggested roadmap, milestones, and guidelines for growing your enterprise agility and achieving your business goals

How It Works?

Appraisal Activities

Interview people with different profiles of the organization in order to understand the organizational culture and the way of working.
Analyze the findings, and draw conclusions.
Define an action roadmap for increasing enterprise agility and improving business outcomes.
Present the findings, conclusions, and the roadmap to success.

Reference Model

PPM Ops - a map for developing enterprise agility
Designed to respond to the needs of project and service organizations who seek to achieve greater outcomes using an evolutionary approach to change.
This appraisal is completed in the form of a workshop. A shorter version of it is included at the beginning and end of the PPM Ops program.
Proven in different sectors: engineering, insurance, banking, retail, pharma, IT and more.

Teodora Bozheva

Teodora Bozheva
Head of Professional Services at Businessmap

Teodora Bozheva is a world-renowned enterprise agility trainer and coach. She is the co-author of the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) and author of the “Kanban Project, Program and Portfolio Management: A map to business agility” model. Teodora has led the successful transformations of the Finance area of BBVA-Spain and companies such as ULMA Handling Systems and Línea Directa. Appraisals set the basis for understanding an organization’s current situation and defining a realistic and meaningful roadmap for improving their agility. Therefore, Teodora finds and uses appraisals as a key element of any enterprise agility development initiative. 


The tool is very practical and user-friendly. The mapping puts you at an advantage by visualizing strengths and focusing on weaknesses. It facilitates, guides, and monitors the development of organizational agility.

, Project Manager and Agile transition at 3P Biopharmaceuticals

It is a very intuitive platform, and it is easy to answer the evaluation.

, Lean Office Leader of Banco Industrial de Guatemala

It is a great evaluation tool. The diagnosis is so visual that it allows us to quickly find out the level or degree of maturity in which the team is mostly found in management practices with Kanban, allowing us to focus on the elements quickly worked on and those pending at each level.

, Network Project Manager at EROSKI

Assess your organization to select the most appropriate interventions needed for transformation, in your own context.