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THE PPM Ops COURSE Project and Portfolio Management Operations Foundations

This hands-on training course immerses you in the foundational aspects of business agility. In just two days, you will learn how to identify the project portfolio, service, and operation management challenges that hold your organization back from achieving outcomes at scale. You will sharpen your ability to visualize strategic initiatives and align company goals across every single team.

You won’t believe what you can achieve in just two days!
Get a one-pager on all project, program, portfolio, and operations statuses updated in real time.
Learn how to use flow data to improve predictability, risk management and business outcomes.
Gain clarity on how to coordinate between business units for faster responses to changes and uncertainty.
Know how to foster a stronger culture of collaboration while preventing burnout and increasing employee satisfaction.
Develop a strategy to align company goals through the design of interconnected workspaces.

Course Description

This course is derived from the experience of 30+ companies who manage their projects, portfolios, including strategic ones, and operations by means of interconnected kanban boards. Teodora Bozheva designed it to meet the needs of people who are leading, or are involved in, business agility development initiatives.

The course introduces the foundation of the PPM Ops model in a hands-on manner with real-world examples. The exercises in the Businessmap software platform are intended to help you tailor your insights to the objectives and characteristics of your organization. 


Core Learning Concepts

This is a unique practical training that will take your project work performance to the next level. In it, you will learn:

How to eliminate the challenges in project, portfolio, and operations management from their roots
How to visualize the status of projects, portfolios, and operations through interconnected kanban boards
The 4 groups of PPM Ops practices: Plan, Communicate and Align, Monitor and Adjust, Learn and Adapt
How to connect projects to the organization's objectives and track their achievements
How to build the complete solution for projects and operations management in the Businessmap software platform and evolve it continuously
How to resolve bottlenecks and improve productivity and efficiency
program focus
Course Content
  • Introduction to PPM Ops
  • PPM Ops Foundational thinking 
  • PPM Ops practice groups
  • Communicate and align practices 
  • Monitoring and adjusting project implementation 
  • Metrics for project flow management 
  • Businessmap software platform Analytics 
  • Learning and adapting practices 
  • Project and Portfolio planning 
  • Your organization’s evolution roadmap 
  • Summary of everything we achieved 
suitable for
Recommended for
  • Project or service manager who wants to learn validated practices to meet clients' requests on time
  • Project management office (PMO) or Center of Excellence (CoE) members looking for effective program and portfolio management practices 
  • Business Managers seeking an evolutionary approach to adopting flow management practices for managing project portfolios 
  • You, if you consider leading an initiative to increase your organization’s business agility and you want to avoid the risk of failure 



16 hours


1300 EUR / 1450 USD (Certain countries are eligible for PPP - Purchasing Power Parity)


Project, Portfolio, and Operations Management for Business Agility


There are no special prerequisites for the course


[ESPAÑOL] CURSO PPM Ops: IMPARTIDO EN 4 SESIONES: 27 - 28 de mayo; 3 - 4 de junio

"Bienvenido al curso de Fundamentos de la Gestión de Proyectos, Portfolio y Operaciones. Este curso consta de 4 sesiones, cada una de ellas programada entre la 15h y las 19h de la tarde CET (hora central europea). La duración total del curso es de 16 horas, y se impartirá en ESPAÑOL (Online en directo)"

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