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Become an Authorized PPM Ops Organization.

Stand out from the competition by extending your service portfolio with a proven PPM solution. Adopt the PPM Ops approach to become a pioneer in your country and capture an untapped market.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is the Partner Program relevant for me?

    To answer this question, we will need more details about your current professional focus. Fill the application form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

  • Are there any targets I have to commit to reaching in order to become a partner?

    There are no targets on leads or entry fees. You will not be committed to a certain number of customers.

  • What if I can't commit to a certain number of customers?

    We don’t need commitments for exact numbers. If you're a devoted Businessmap fan and you're willing to work with us actively, you will become successful either way.

  • How much can I make? Is there a limit on the total commission I can receive?

    No limits! The more purchases you drive, the more you earn.

  • When will I know if I'm approved for the program?

    We will get back to you with the next steps in 1 business day of your application submission.

  • When and how are Partner commissions paid?

    Our commissions are paid out by bank transfer on a quarterly cycle and up to 15 days after the end of the quarter.

  • Can I publish my partner link on my website/ social media accounts or use in marketing campaigns?

    If you would like to do this, please let us know and we will issue you with a separate public link.

  • Can I promote Businessmap and its solutions on my blog or social media?

    Sure! If you become our official Partner, you can use social media promotions to collect leads for a personal demo of our software platform, for example.   

  • Am I allowed to advertise solutions from Businessmap using Pay-Per-Click?

    There is no such option in our Partnership Program model.