How to Gain Customer's Trust with Service Delivery Review? LAMP ep.6

Dima Moroz

Dima Moroz

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"Without having the understanding of what customer values, teams are going to turn to vanity metrics "

- Matt Philip

Who is your customer? Do you truly understand their pains and needs? Did you prove that with the way you build and deliver your products or design your services? The chances are, if you can give strong positive answers to these questions, your customers trust you. If that's so, you can go on to the next article.

What Is the Service Delivery Review Concept?

However, if you don't have clear answers to these questions, you are likely wondering how to build a trust relationship with your clients. This week, we've asked Matt Philip, who is a Director of Learning and Development at ThoughtWorks, to explain the concept of Service Delivery Review.  

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"We're not a service company, we're building a product"

Even if you are only developing a product, you are still in the service business. If you think building a product has nothing to do with a service or gaining customer's trust, here is what Matt has to tell you:

"Most businesses are in the business of both product and service delivery: it's not only what they're delivering but how they're delivering it."


Okay, you know your external customers. How about the internal ones?

Are you aware of the customers internal to your organization? What are their expectations, needs, and pains? If you've never asked yourself this question, it might be just about time to do this. The things you find out might not be pretty but would you rather let your teams drown in distrust and unproductive metrics or enable them to grow together?

Why have you chosen us?

Service Delivery Review is one of the proven ways to collect quantitative data on whether what you do, your project goals and values are meaningful to your customer. Is your work aligned with what your customer truly needs? Forget the vanity metrics, it's time to perform a Service Delivery Review. Learn how to collect quantitative data about qualitative issues and gain the trust of your customers both inside and outside of your organization.



Dima Moroz

Dima Moroz

Digital Marketing Specialist

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