How to Start a Lean Agile Transformation? LAMP ep.5

Dima Moroz

Dima Moroz

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Going Lean

"If governments can do this, then private organizations certainly can" - Mike Burrows

Think going Lean is hard? Meet the person who helped the British government to undergo an Agile transformation in its digital services teams. In the fifth episode of Lean Agile Management Podcast, we asked a change management expert and a governmental Lean-Agile professional Mike Burrows, who leads Agendashift, to answer the itching questions about transforming teams, organizations, and even governments into Lean thinkers and agile practitioners.

Welcome to LAMP - Lean Agile Management Podcast, a show by Businessmap (formerly Kanbanize) where some of the brightest minds in Lean-Agile management talk about how leaders can boost work efficiency, create a culture of high performance, and build teams that thrive.

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Everyone Wants Results, Nobody Wants Methods

As different Agile methodologies such as Kanban, Lean and Agile become mainstream buzzwords, managers, and executives get method-fatigue and simply want to get down to hard results. For passionate change agents, the job of evangelizing a genuine transformation becomes a much bigger challenge. It doesn't have to, though.

Why are we so passionate about pushing one method, tool, or philosophy over another when all we truly want are the final value and outcomes of a true transformation? Today, we talk about kick-starting a Lean-Agile transformation without concentrating on the names but rather the results.

Here is what we've talked about in this episode:

  • How methods and names only make it harder for people to embrace real change.
  • Governments are going Agile. Here is how.
  • How to concentrate on the outcomes instead of on the vanity metrics.
  • How to convince executives of the value of Lean or Agile without using any labels?
  • What is the secret of successful Lean implementation? Insight from teams.

How do you convince your boss to even consider Lean-Agile transformation? Is it possible to push large organizational changes from bottom up or do we have to get top executives on board each time? Answers in this episode!

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Dima Moroz

Dima Moroz

Digital Marketing Specialist

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