3 Ways How Money Fails Your Projects LAMP ep.4

Dima Moroz

Dima Moroz

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Turns out, all this time that you've been fighting unproductive team culture, inefficiency and lack of motivation in the team, money was undermining your every effort. How is money related to the success of your projects?

In this episode of Lamp (Lean Agile Management Podcast), we are talking with Steve Tendon, who is a top management consultant, advisor and Managing Director of TameFlow. Steve insists that money-centered mentality and unhealthy emphasis on cost accounting is the number one reason why teams fall, projects die and whole companies fail to deliver.

As opposed to viewing the world through the lens of finance management and cost accounting, he suggests we work on the three main pillars of successful project management:

Unity of Purpose

Community of Trust

Inspired Leadership

Learn what each of these means and how to prevent a money-centered mentality from causing your next big project failure in this episode of Lamp.

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Managing and understanding Flow is not that easy sometimes. Making sense of the Flow in terms of business value can be even trickier. To get an in-depth explanation of the value that establishing a Flow will have for your business, read this article by Steve:

Lean Business and the Value of Flow

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Dima Moroz

Dima Moroz

Digital Marketing Specialist

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