Businessmap Goes All-in on Brazil with First Office Opening

Nikolay Tsonev

Nikolay Tsonev

Product Marketing | PMI Agile | SAFe Agilist certified

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Continuous improvement! If you've been following Businessmap for a while, then you've probably heard us say this quite often. That's simply because it's the main culprit behind our company's growth.

Ever since the inception of Businessmap, our founders have persistently followed the idea that "There is always a better way". This is so deeply rooted in our culture that we apply it to virtually everything we do.

Including our company's global presence.

So, after serving customers in 60+ countries, collaborating with 200+ partners around the world, celebrating our first international office in Spain, we're ready for another step forward.

We're excited to announce that Businessmap is opening its first local office in Brazil!

Introducing Businessmap Brazil

Over the years, we've worked with some companies from Brazil, deeply committed to continuous improvement and achieving organizational agility. We've seen them successfully implement Kanban and Businessmap (formerly Kanbanize) and we've also embraced improvement lessons throughout our experience with them.

The Brazilian market has shown incredible hospitality towards the Kanban method and the local audience appeared to be highly skillful and open to continuous innovations.

That's why the next logical step for our company is the opening of our local Brazilian office. The purpose of this endeavor is to further strengthen Businessmap's presence on the Brazilian market and help as many companies as possible enable agility within their operations through the Kanban method.

Our Brazilian office is stationed in the country's financial center and one of the world's most populous cities: São Paulo (you can check out our dedicated LinkedIn profile here). This will allow us to work directly with customers from the region and help them get the most out of both our products and services.

Of course, this is far from an easy task.

That's why to accomplish it, we need the right partner.

Meet Luan Oliveira - Managing Director of Businessmap Brazil!

Businessmap's strength has always been its people. We've always strived to build an environment with not just great specialists, but people who are committed to continuous improvement. This is the attitude we believe drives the world forward and we're extremely happy that our Brazilian operations will be managed by someone with the same mentality.

So, without further ado, we're glad to welcome Mr. Luan Oliveira on board and introduce him as the Managing Director of Businessmap Brazil!

As a seasoned Lean/Agile professional, Luan has extensive experience in portfolio management and improving organizational efficiency. Coming from Finance, Telecom, and Public Sectors, he has led large transformational projects, working as Digital Transformation Leader, Delivery Manager, Technical Solutions Consultant, Agile Coach, etc.

Before joining Businessmap, Luan was in charge of Software Engineering and Transformation at Boa Vista - a large Brazilian financial services company. To accelerate project delivery and enable digital transformation at the organization, we worked together on implementing Kanban and Businessmap (you can learn more about this initiative in our case study).

We recently caught up with Luan and asked him a few questions about his decision to join Businessmap:

You can also connect with him on LinkedIn if you wish to closely follow our future initiatives in Brazil.

The Continuous Improvement Journey Continues

We can't stress enough how excited we are to establish our presence on the Brazilian market and welcome Luan Oliveira on board. We believe this will allow us to help many local organizations become more efficient and save time resources to drive innovation.

And yet, this is just another step on a never-ending continuous improvement journey. Our promise to you is simple and yet profound... we will keep improving because there is always a better way!


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Nikolay Tsonev

Nikolay Tsonev

Product Marketing | PMI Agile | SAFe Agilist certified

Nick is passionate about product marketing and business development and is a subject matter expert at Businessmap. With expertise in OKRs, strategy execution, Agile, and Kanban, he continues to drive his interest in continuous improvement. Nick is a PMI Agile and SAFe Agilist certified practitioner.