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Nikolay Tsonev

Nikolay Tsonev

Product Marketing | PMI Agile | SAFe Agilist certified

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At Businessmap, we’ve always believed in the big picture.

That’s because working on the right things at the right time requires global, not local optimization. In other words – end-to-end business agility.

Since the dawn of our product, we’ve envisioned having a system that answers the question “What’s going on around here?” - in terms of your project portfolios, strategic goals, and daily work.

And after 12 years of non-stop product development, we’re proud to say that we’ve done that. Businessmap (formerly Kanbanize) consolidates 3 major tool categories becoming your single source of truth for:

  1. Project portfolio management 
  2. Goals/Outcomes management 
  3. Work management 

These three categories essentially build the driving pillars of our software. We truly believe that consolidating them in a single place can help enterprises connect the dots between strategy and execution, so they can save resources and innovate faster.

But how does that happen in practice?

Our mission is to discover new management ways and share this knowledge through amazingly powerful tools. That’s why we’ve decided to package the evolution of the product over the years and present it to you in an easy-to-digest, visual format.

So, take a seat and let us guide you through our universe.  

Category #1: Project Portfolio Management 

The first step to understanding what’s going on in your organization is to gain a holistic overview across all work initiatives. Having a central place where you can map your project portfolios helps you focus on your priorities, so you can quickly pivot when the strategy changes.

That’s why our platform helps you implement Lean portfolio management in your company. In our first product demo, we’re giving you a glimpse of:

  • How to manage end-to-end flow of work in the organization? 
  • How to visualize all projects in a single place? 
  • How to break down projects and visualize work across teams? 
  • How to apply Lean/Agile principles and practices at scale? 
  • How to embrace data-driven planning?

Category #2: Goals/Outcomes Management 

The true power of Lean portfolio management comes from building the connection between your strategic goals and the work necessary for their execution. This is how you can translate your ideas into actionable activities and propel agility within the enterprise. 

Going through countless development cycles, we’ve discovered that the best way to do that is to measure your goals within your projects/initiatives. That’s why with Businessmap, you can manage goals through the concept of OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) or any other goal-setting approach.  

In the video below, you will discover how to:

  • Create OKRs as part of your work initiatives 
  • Track OKR progress and make projections 
  • Assess goals vs. work progress in a single place 
  • Bring outcomes at scale 

Category #3: Work Management

Finally, how do you turn your goals and project portfolios into tangible results?

This is where the third category of work management tools comes in. 

To deliver work predictably, you need to properly map your workflows, manage dependencies, eliminate process waste, and continuously improve. So, to close the full circle and deliver quality work faster, our platform helps you optimize your daily work processes, too.

In the last product demo from our series, we show you how to:

  • Visualize work on kanban boards 
  • Use timelines to plan team projects 
  • Identify blockers and manage dependencies 
  • Analyze deliver metrics to improve continuously 
  • And many more... 

Next Step: Explore the Full Capabilities of Businessmap!

We know this is probably a lot of information, but remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg. As much as we want to explain what the product can do for you, we know that different companies have different needs.

That's why the best way to explore Businessmap's full capabilities is actually to test it yourself. So don't hesitate to start your free 14-day trial or request a demo session if you want to see more of Businessmap in action!

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Nikolay Tsonev

Nikolay Tsonev

Product Marketing | PMI Agile | SAFe Agilist certified

Nick is passionate about product marketing and business development and is a subject matter expert at Businessmap. With expertise in OKRs, strategy execution, Agile, and Kanban, he continues to drive his interest in continuous improvement. Nick is a PMI Agile and SAFe Agilist certified practitioner.