Maik Cruz

Head of Customer Success at Businessmap Brazil

Maik is passionate about business agility, Kanban, Lean philosophy, digital transformation and innovation, and is dedicated to ensuring customer success around the world through greater efficiency.

Maik Cruz is Head of Customer Success at Businessmap Brasil, has +12 years of experience in multicultural environments and teams working directly in the digital transformation of national and international companies such as IBM, A&T, Boa Vista, and Whirpool with a focus on organizational agility, Lean governance of portfolio, innovation and continuous improvement in the combination of Lean and Kanban principles. Maik is focused on the customer-centricity strategy as it is essential to put the consumer first. He believes that, in the age of experience, limiting your business to just delivering quality products and services is no longer enough. In addition to quality and innovation, you must always have the customer at the center of your decisions.