Luan Oliveira

Chief Revenue Officer at Businessmap

With over 10 years of experience as a Managing Director, Luan has mastered the art of portfolio management, system engineering, software development, and digital product creation. His expertise lies in integrating lean-agile methodologies to elevate organizational efficacy and efficiency. His professional career has spanned diverse sectors, including Finance, Telecom, and Public Services. In these fields, he's worn many hats from Digital Transformation Leader, to Developer and even Agile Coach. Central to his approach is a deep commitment to innovation and creativity, while fostering thriving team dynamics and establishing meaningful relationships based on trust and exceptional professionalism. Outside the office, he's a dedicated father to three wonderful daughters and an avid tennis player. This personal side deeply influences his professional life as well. He merges fatherly commitment with his passion for sports to inspire his teams, refine processes, and achieve meaningful outcomes at scale. Whether he's steering the Businessmap team or wielding a tennis racket, Luan is a key player who strives for excellence with drive and determination.