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Kanban Tutorial Series - Practical Steps for Implementation

The Kanban tutorial series provides step-by-step instructions on managing Kanban projects, Kanban Portfolio, and metrics-driven workflow optimization.

Knowing what to do is one thing. Knowing how to do it, however, can be a completely different game. To help you put your Kanban knowledge into practice, we prepared a short series of Kanban tutorials. 

Learn how to get started with your first board and project, scale your efforts across teams and larger initiatives, and correctly analyze your performance to improve it gradually. In the following tutorials, we provide step-by-step instructions for you to use Kanban to manage teams or portfolio of high-level projects and apply metrics-driven workflow optimization with Kanbanize by Businessmap.

Beginners Tutorial

This Kanban tutorial will help you get started. Here we will walk you through six simple steps beginning from setting up your first board. Through practical examples, you will learn how to correctly customize your workflow, visualize your team projects, and break them down into individual tasks. To help you start optimizing your work processes, we also discuss WIP Limits and work prioritization techniques.   

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Kanban Tutorial Beginners

Advanced Tutorial

If you are already familiar with the Kanban basics and looking to scale the method across multiple teams and projects, then the Advanced Kanban tutorial is the right one for you.

With practical examples and step by step explanation, we will walk you through the implementation of Portfolio Kanban. You will learn how to connect strategic planning to execution and ensure high-level transparency in your process without having to switch between different systems to do so. 

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Kanban Tutorial Advanced

Analytics Tutorial

Collecting and analyzing your workflow data is one of the most important aspects of improving your work processes while advancing your Kanban journey. This tutorial is the right one for those who want to understand better the Kanban metrics and their role in delivery decisions.

Starting from Lead and Cycle time analysis, we will walk you through different charts and diagrams from the our Analytics module. We explain how to interpret them correctly and what different scenarios might show you about your workflow. Learn how the Cycle Time Scatterplot, the Histogram Run Chart, and other diagrams can help you improve your work processes so you can bring predictability to project delivery and unleash your full potential.

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Kanban Tutorial Analytics

One of the main principles of Kanban is  “Agree to Pursue Incremental, Evolutionary Change”. So no matter what stage of your Kanban journey you currently are in - beginner, or advanced, continue looking for improvement potential and optimizing your workflow.

Or, as we say in Businessmap, “There is always a better way!”

Step 1

Kanban Tutorial for Beginners

Giving practical examples, this Kanban tutorial will show you how to build,...

Step 2

Kanban Metrics and Analytics Tutorial

Measuring the performance of your workflow is a powerful tool that can open...

Step 3

Advanced Kanban Tutorial

Portfolio Kanban is an effective solution for managing multiple large...